Seller: Kayla Schlabach, Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador

Price: $13,500

Fergie is a 9 year old APHA Red Roan mare with paint markings.
She is very confident and experienced on the trail, picks her way carefully through mud, roots, logs, down hill and up and crosses creeks and rivers easily. She will lead or follow with no issue and has done overnight trips as well. She has also been around cows a lot and is comfortable in a herd.

Fergie is also very handy in the arena. She is soft, supple and willing, and always respectful on the ground as well.She will do well in Ranch Riding classes or Obstacle/Trail Challenges. She can be ridden by youths or beginners, but I would recommend her to someone who wants to advance in their horsemanship skills as she has a lot to teach someone!

Fergie has been trained in the Clinton Anderson Method by myself, a Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador. Therefore she is perfect for a Method follower looking to become a better horseman or do lessons and clinics as well as local type shows.

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