SOLD – Lil Biscuit

SOLD – Information

Seller: Kayla Schlabach, Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador

Price: $12,000

Lil Biscuit is trained using the Clinton Anderson Method and knows the Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced as well as Training on the Trail.

This means she is well educated on the ground, able to lunge multiple ways including while you stand still, sidepass, back up with halter pressure and from a distance, yield her hindquarters and front end, softly flex to the halter and off the ear and many other exercises. She moves off a light suggestion and is respectful. This carries over to her being respectful and willing in her stall, the wash bay, to saddle, trailer loading and calling in from the pasture (she’ll run right up to me).

She is well broke under saddle and understands how to move all 5 body parts individually, the head, neck, shoulders, ribs and hindquarters. She’s soft and supple, and has a fairly smooth trot, and a comfortable lope. Lil Biscuit is able to slow down off your seat or voice and speed up off a light squeeze. She will extend the trot or slow down and collect. She can spin around and perform a correct sliding stop. She’s well versed in the arena as well as being confident on the trail, having been to state parks multiple times, resulting in her being calm and quiet while standing tied in or at the trailer, crossing creeks, looking down the path when bikers or hikers go by, other animals or horses, and other scenarios that may arise.

She is familiar and confident over a variety of obstacles, always curious about new ones and easy to teach how to navigate them. She wants to be good, is very sweet and always looks forward to the next session of work. She’s not marish and gets along with other horses in the pasture.

Well suited for a person looking to advance their horsemanship to the next level and ready to dedicate themselves to learning. Any person seriously interested is welcome to set an appointment via phone call to see her, watch me ride and receive a detailed lesson using her, to determine whether or not she is the right fit.

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