Seller: Ezra Yoder, No Reins Performance Horses

Price: $35,000

Hello, this is Aaron Yoder. My wife’s name is Marie and we have 8 children. We are the owners of Procker AKA Rock. He is 5 years old and is sired by a Friesian named Tomke. His mom is a Percheron Cross mare.

The first time we saw Rock we all fell in love with him. His good looks and his calm demeanor got our attention.

My daughter Sara (who was 14 at the time), was the first person to ride him. So we knew that he was a winner. She took him on a 9-mile trail ride with 500 other horses and he was perfect.

I then gave him to Ezra Yoder to train him to be pleasure horse. He took him to be the star of a show called “Noel” at the Michiana Event Center in Shipshewana, IN. We went to watch Rock perform in the first show that week and fell right back in love with him! He pulled a carriage to give rides to people and one of the singers rode him while she sang in the spotlight. He loved all the attention that people gave to him.

We want him to be to YOU the horse that he has been to us. A special, fun horse to ride and drive and a pleasure to be around.

We as a family want to thank Ezra for what he has done with Rock, making him a well-trained horse that anyone can ride and enjoy.

If you buy Rock, please give him a good, loving home because he truly deserves it!

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